never comfortable.

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Attended the Non Event presentation of Arnold Dreyblatt’s debut performance of “Turntable History” at the Goethe-Institut in Boston, MA last night. Here is their description of the event.

I will admit being unfamiliar with Dreyblatt’s work, however, after reading the description of the show and giving Dreyblatt’s “Turntable History” compact disc, Important Records 2011, a few listens during the week my interest in attending was sparked. I was not disappointed. I’ve always had a fondness for raw unprocessed mechanical sounds. Malfunctioning machinery, Properly functioning machinery, or what have you. Dreyblatt’s layering work and composition using raw unprocessed MRI sound produced about a dozen or so patterns interweaving throughout the 40 minute or so set. Beginning with the most recognizable MRI sound, that which I can best describe as “the scan”, and moving into heavy, heavy tones often time presenting rhythmic patterns .  Here is a small example of a similar piece installed in Berlin in 2009…

and here is Arnold Dreyblatt’s vimeo page which he has uploaded other performance and visual installation videos,

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Cowboy Country



90 minutes




Featuring: Mishclinge///Sharpwaist///Climax Denial///Dog Lady///Sick Llama


Recorded live at the short lived Cowboy Country basement venue in Roxbury, MA., the Cowboy Country DVD captures five live performances during the summer of 2010. Mischlinge is a project of Luke Moldoff (Stillbirth,Perispirit, Eagle’s Breast, Craniopagus). Utilizing reel and tape loops, blasting rhythmic pulses, screeching feedback, and vitamin water laced vocals, Mischlinge is naturally crude and as “pure” as it gets. Carl Haas’s Sharpwaist project has been a force in U.S. Power Electronics for the later half of this decade. Evolving into a full fledged duo with longtime collaborator Sewer Goddess, Sharpwaist is a calculated attack of cold, depressing electronics. Milwaukee’s fetish fueled PE traditionalist Climax Denial is as straightforward as one can ask for. Hard electronics punctuated by ripping vocals. Private desires explored in public places. Dog Lady has easily become one of the more prolific, innovative, and ever evolving practitioners of the past few years. Incorporating Violin, Accordion, Reel-to-reel tape, cassette tape loops, and synths, Dog Lady presents a unique and refreshing vision to the long reigning Detroit, Michigan sound. Running the 300 deep Fag Tapes label, incorporating his unique blend of reeds, feedback, and skate damage into numerous solo and group side projects, and on a seemingly endless tour, It is hard to stack up against Sick Llama. Presented here in a haze of “bowl riding”, Sick Llama is captured in his best form, providing a suiting soundtrack for dank filled basements.

U.S. – $8.00

INTL. – $11.00

Paypal: sonofdad777 (at) cs (dot) com

Email (for additional information/payment options): Noisevision (at) gmail (dot) com

remove parentheses and spaces for email proper.

NEW PRICING. 25 copies left. What you say Hammer? Proper.



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Granny Awards

Ghedalia Tazartes – Granny Awards LP – Alga Marghen



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Leading the pack in audiovisual presentation.

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